Learn to chart your cycle for birth control & conception.

I teach you how to connect with your body, what your cycle is telling you and how you can use it for your advantage.

You are…

Tired of using (hormonal) birth control but do not know what other good alternatives there are?

Clueless about what happens during your cycle and often surprised by your period showing up unexpectedly?

Regularly taking a pregnancy test because your period is late again?

Ready to start trying for a baby and want to know which days have highest chances of conceiving?

Get ready to learn all about the power of your cycle and use it for your advantage.


Your Cycle Power

In Your Cycle Power you will learn the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) which you can use for your personal goal.

With FAM you can know exactly when you are fertile and on average that is just 6 days in each cycle.

You will learn to identify this fertile window and be able to prevent a pregnancy without any negative side effects. 

Or you can use this knowledge to time intercourse perfectly if you wish to achieve a pregnancy.

Or maybe you just want to learn how a healthy cycle should look like and how you can interpret the clues your body is sending you?


I’m Nadia!

I teach people how to chart and interpret their cycles.

I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with you and can’t wait for you to experience the power of your cycle and the freedom that comes with it.

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